Fort St John BC

North Bar & Grill Fort St John BC
North Bar & Grill Fort St John BC
North Bar & Grill Fort St John BC
North Bar & Grill Fort St John BC


Wrapped up my trip to Fort St John BC last night and I wanted to mention a couple of things.

I always stay at the Grande Northern Hotel in Fort St John.  The rooms are comfortable and the is food very good.  Awhile back. the owners the Northern Grande made the decision to renovate their very popular pub/restaurant, the North Bar & Grill, right sizing it, and I’m guessing here, trying to a create a different ambiance to differentiate themselves from a lot of new restaurants that were rapidly appearing in the area. Then along came the downturn in the Oil & Gas industry, and they, like the rest of us struggled with the new economic realities.

But talk about innovation. Thursday night, I went for dinner in the restaurant and was surprised to see at least 25% of the seats sported small easels on the tables.  In fact, there was no room at the Inn for me at a regular table, so I had to sit at the bar.

Turns out, someone had a bright idea: Get a group of people together and over a glass of wine and possibly some food, and give painting lessons.  I spoke the manager of the restaurant and she explained how surprised she felt when first approached with the idea, but it has become very popular and the lessons are full every week:

As the manager put it to me, she doesn’t care as-long-as it puts “bums” in the seats.  Hats of to the Northern Grande for going with a new idea and thinking outside the box to generating business. And, also hats off to the organizer and art students.  I wonder how some of those paintings end up looking like after a few glasses? Maybe someone could send us a few if them so we can share with all of you

The ICBA (Independent Contractors & Business Association) and Energy Services BC recently merged and are hosting an exclusive networking and information session about the merger. For more information you can reach the ICBA at: or

Hope to see you there.

For anyone that wishes to speak to me about factoring receivables, purchase order finance or asset based finance, I will be Vancouver during the coming week then back to Fort St John the week of April 3rd, Victoria/Vancouver Island April 12-13, Abbotsford for the Fraser Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Trade Show April 19, Terrace Business Expo April 20-23, then Prince George May 23-27 for the Resource North Trade Show.

I can be reached at 604-800-5181 or at my direct Toll Free number:1 -888-651-0004

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