BC Election: Putting Workers and Families Livelihoods in Jeopardy

Will these workers be out of work in BC Soon?

The past few weeks sure have been busy with the BC Election, Softwood Lumber tariffs, Trump’s firing of the FBI Director at a time when the FBI is investigating him.

The BC Election results have certainly been stunning, with the Green Party possible holding the balance of power and already in conversations with the Liberals and the Green Party.  There has been much speculation in the media about how a minority government would work in BC, which party would the Greens support, who’s ideology meshes better together and even the possibility of Mr. Weaver been provided with a cabinet post.

For his part, Mr. Weaver has been quite coy and stated he has been speaking with both the Liberals and the NDP. And both of those parties have stated they will work with Mr. Weaver in a minority situation.

But how would that really work.  Mr. Weaver has publicly accused Mr. Horgan of having temper issues. He also is against all the current major projects that are underway or soon to be underway such as Site C, LNG, Kinder Morgan, the Massey Tunnel Bridge replacement etc.

Gee Mr. Weaver…all those projects either support or will support British Columbians and their families. How will you, Mr. Weaver, and you Mr. Horgan explain to those British Columbians, that you are taking their livelihood away from them?  Site C has an estimated 2000 workers. And then there’s the ancillary jobs created in restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, retail outlets…in just about every conceivable industry. These people all pay taxes.

Both the NNP and the Green Party have plans to eliminate bridge tolls, health care premiums, boost spending on education and much more.  But, I have seen no evidence of how they plan to pay for any of this.  It must be to raise taxes in other areas.  And if you are putting thousands and thousands of hard working British Columbians out of work, then tax the hell out of them, just to pander to your ideological goals and quest for Power, then you just don’t get it.

Sure, we all want the Province to be safe from pollution and man-made disasters. And we must ensure that these types of events are minimized. But at what cost? You risk putting the prosperity of the Province of BC in jeopardy

But wait, this is BC and there is still another scenario waiting to be played pout.  The Absentee ballots have yet to be counted and with one riding on Vancouver having been won by the NDP by only 9 votes, this could well change the whole election to become a Majority Victory for the Liberals, albeit by one seat.

There are high expectations here because apparently, the Liberal candidate is the former, local CFB Commander and there are military absentee votes that could make the difference.  What I haven’t heard from anyone is if the Commander was well thought by the military personnel.
Everything remains the same for now, although the Government is at best in caretake mode.  I read that the US/Trump has signed a deal to sell LNG to China.  Why aren’t our Governments out there making those deals so our LNG can final rise from the abyss? Are you listening Justin Trudeau? Or how about you, Christie Clark (Weaver/Horgan)?

I am in Vancouver this week and next week and in Prince George, BC during the week of May 2 and will be exhibiting at the Canada North Resource Expo May 26-27 at the CN Centre.  Please stop by and say hello or call me at direct and Toll Free at 1-888-651-0004

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