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BC Election 2017

I watched the BC election “leaders: debate last and, honestly, Mr. Weaver of the Green Party was the stand-out for me in that he had something to say, different from the other two, and was for the most part articulate.  He baited Horgan pretty-well and that contributed to Hogan’s misspeak that the Liberals will win the election.

Mr. Horgan is indeed passionate and seemingly does have a temper. But I don’t hear a plan about how he will grow the economy and put earned dollars into the pockets of British Columbians.  He seems to want to cancel everything from the Site C Dam, to bridge tolls to MSP premiums and I think LNG projects, should we ever get a final investment decision from Shell and Petronas.

I heard Mr. Horgan say that the lack of LNG projects is Ms. Clark’s fault.  And I agree that if we had been quicker off the mark there could have been a chance these projects would now be underway.  But I think that the difficulty in negotiating the Canadian regulatory and Aboriginal Consultation issues were the greater reasons decisions were not made in a timely fashion.  And these companies need to deal with low process and excess LNG product on a world scale.  It will take 5-6 years to get one of these mega projects finished so the “guess” is what is the market going to look like at the at time.  It’s not Clark’s or Horgan’s or Weavers fault.  The question is who will continue to champion these projects on behalf of the citizens of BC.

The housing issue was raised and that is definitely an important issue that is on the minds of everyone, particularly in the Lower Mainland and Victoria. Do we just stop people form coming in and investing?  Do we levy penalties for empty properties?  Regardless of who wins the election all three parties need to work in a bi-partisan manner to solve this issue, or is it solvable?

And the software lumber dispute, well Horgan, again, blames Christy Clark for that that to. Mr. Horgan, there was an agreement, it ended, the Canadian and US Governments have been negotiating to get a new agreement.  Trump has sided with the US lumber industry and levied tariffs, just as they have done before when previous agreements have lapsed.  And, when it finally goes to the World Trade Organization for adjudication, Canada will win, again, and the Americans will have to pay back the money they are receiving in tariffs.

Christy Clark, for her part, seemed to stay the course with the usual shots at her opposition during the debate.  There was criticism about here smiling all the time.  Well, that’s a heck of a lot better than looking angry all the time.  And since the debate, I like her request to Justin Trudeaus to put a high tariff on, or stop altogether the US thermal coal trainloads that are shipped out of our Port(s) to nether destinations.

And Christy is the main supporter of business in this Province and the Champion for the afore mentioned projects.  That’s where the prosperity is going to come from for today and for a generation into the future. Jobs put money on people’s pockets and allow them to live and fulfill their aspirations and dreams for themselves and their children.

BC is growing, has the best economy in Canada and is by far one of the best place to live on the planet.

Regardless of which politician or party you support, please take the time to study the issues and make an informed decision, and above all else, exercise your right and duty to VOTE.


I am in Vancouver for the next few weeks.  Attending the ICBA’s (Independent Contractors & Business Association) Annual Industry Outlook breakfast tomorrow.  Looking forward to hearing guest speaker John King of CNN and Vancouver Condo King Bob Rennie.

Will be exhibiting at the Northern Resource Show in Prince George

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