What a weekend in Terrace BC at the Annual Terrace Chamber Business Show

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This was the first time I have been ion Terrace for many, many years. That last visit was to erect a bridge using pre-stressed concrete beams that never made the trip from the transporting ship in Kitimat to the site because of inclement winter. I remember lots of snow.

And what a breath of fresh air this trip was.  The scenery is spectacular, those surrounding, snow-capped mountains and the Skeena River simply reinforce that timeless phrase “Beautiful BC.”

I was there to attend and display at the annual Terrace Chamber of Commerce Trade Show, 2 days of meeting and greeting the citizens and businesses of Terrace.  What a friendly, welcoming and helpful community. Congratulations to the Terrace Chamber of Commerce team and Executive Director, Michelle Taylor.  Great job and I look forward to future trips to the area.

An interesting time to visit Terrace with the BC election now in full swing, and NDP incumbent and a seemingly very strong Liberal challenger.  And, in conversations with people who live in the Terrace and Kitimat area, there are still high expectations about LNG developments that will benefit everyone in the affected communities.

So, this got me wondering what would happen if, either or both Petronas or Shell announced their decision to go ahead with their respective projects what would the reaction be?

I’m guessing the NDP and its supporters would be shouting with all their might that this would constitute and unfair attempt to influence the election skewed toward the Liberals.  And the Liberals wold then have the right to claim the promised LNG vision is now becoming a reality.

This is just wondering on my part.  This LNG approval is not likely to happen before the election, but it would sure heat up the last few weeks of the BC Election, wouldn’t it?

What are your thoughts on the LNG projects. Should they go ahead, be cancelled and or maybe Shell and Petronas be forced to make their “final investment decision?”

Looking forward to your thoughtful comments.

I’m in the Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for the next few weeks, then Prince George for the Resources North Trade Show May 26.  Maybe see you there?

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