Wednesday, 18 Sep 2019


Victoria, BC:  I was in Victoria again last week to attend an Orbus luncheon meeting.

This is a membership-based organization that has a monthly luncheon meeting at the old Strathcona Hotel on Douglas Ave in downtown Victoria.  This interesting organization has 3 chapters in Victoria and is looking to expand their concept Nationally.

This was the third Orbus event I have attended during the past year and I have found these events to be very useful and enjoyable. At my second Orbis Event, in March of this year, I did my 1-minute elevator spiel about what I offer to businesses. Then I was afforded a little extra time to speak about one of my clients, ClearLED, that had installed a spectacular graphic display on the Kipness Lantern in the newly renovated National Art Centre in Ottawa.

This resulted in lead for ClearLED. I imposed on Richard Troop of Orbis to allow me to attend the April luncheon and to bring a guest, Jin Fan of ClearLED who would be willing to bring a working sample of her products.  Richard acquiesced and the members and guests, including the lead, were able to see and here about ClearLED products.  While it’s premature to says a business transaction will happen, all indicators point to a successful conclusion.

I’d like to give a huge shout-out to the owner of the Strathcona Hotel, Grant Olson and his staff for the great lunch and excellent service.  I you are planning a trip to Victoria you need to check out the Entertainment venues of the Strathcona.  Restaurants, Bars, t Club, Liquor Store and would you believe it- a Rooftop Bar/Nightclub complete with a Volleyball Court.

Here is a summary of the Orbus Business Network as taken from their website. You cab contact ORBUS at or for more information about joining or perhaps starting your own Orbus Chapter.

Orbus Business Network Chapters are business networking, referrals and leads clubs and more. Orbus Members are entrepreneurs but also citizens who are committed to sustainability and support their community.

First, Orbus Business Networks chapters are where businesses and professionals can network, give and get referrals and leads, and build contacts. Orbus Members are also committed by agreement to provide leads and referrals to each other.

Second, Orbus Members support their community with Orbus win-win-win programs. They commit to support sustainability initiatives and non-profit youth and elder groups.

Orbus Members make a difference together, each taking one step at a time to make their communities better. By supporting sustainability initiatives, and youth and elders, they are working to build healthier communities for the future.

All chapter members can participate with ORN Orbus Referral Net, the Orbus online referral system for businesses and professionals. This referral net is available to all businesses big or small and can be specialized to fit the needs of Orbus Members. Find out more about ORN Orbus Referral Net at Existing members of an Orbus Chapter may participate in their own ORN Referral Net upon payment of the initial registration fee.

I provide Alternative Business ending (ABL) Services including factoring accounts receivables to increase cash flow, purchase order finance, asset and inventory financing.  Call me, Ken Mclean, toll free direct at 1-888-651-0004 for a no obligation consultation.

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